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Here’s a real testimonial from Atria-City Dental Group

I highly recommend Brian Koh as the best web designer I have ever used in my business. I have engaged him to design both English and Japanese websites of our company. He is very talented and creative in the design of the website and he is also technically inclined and proficient . He provides prompt and professional service. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any references and details.

Stephanie Poon
Director, Atria-City Dental Group Pte Ltd


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Digital Web User Experience

What you need to know about UXD in order to built great user experiences online?

UXD Lifecycle

To understand UXD, it helps to know about the UXD Lifecycle, and it’s processes.

Info’ Architecture

What is Information Architecture? How does it affect the success of a website?

Understanding Users

How do you find out about your users’ needs? Here are some ways.

Portfolio Samples

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Find Out the Latest News and Updates on Web Technology, Usabiity and User Experience on Mobiles and Tablets

Web Usability

Web Usability just simply refers to the layout, construction, arrangement and the navigation of the web site. Web usability concentrates on the client. At every phase of the way, your website will have to be designed with the client in mind. It is actually about developing your web site in a way that the site […]

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8 Main Web Design Trends of 2015

Material Design Google has launched Google Material design. It’s a design language which is prompted by Google’s own. Not just flat for the sake of being flat, but a design dependent on classic concepts and digital design patterns. It’s a richer strategy to flat user interfaces utilizing touches from the physical world and leaving it […]

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What is Wireframing?

Though it is not a necessity of the web development process (a lot of companies will not work with them at all), wireframes can be very helpful and assist the process to flow that much more smoothly. If you are nonetheless unconvinced as to whether wireframing is for you, remember that it can also help […]

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